IronWASP is designed to make automated scanning and testing an easy process.
The videos below show how you can make use of IronWASP to perform security assessment on a website with little to no security knowledge.

Performing Vulnerability Scans with IronWASP

Recording a Login Sequence to use in Vulnerability Scanning

Automatically Testing for CSRF Vulnerabilities using IronWASP

Automatically Testing for Broken Authentication with IronWASP

Automatically Testing for Hidden Parameters using IronWASP

Automatically Testing for Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities using IronWASP

Hunting for DOM based Cross-site Scripting Vulnerabilities with IronWASP

Using IronWASP's built-in pre-configured browser to automatically intercept HTTP and HTTPS traffic

Using WiHawk - WiFi Router Vulnerability Scanner

Using XmlChor - XPATH Injection Exploitation Tool